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jungkook in ‘graduation

Drawing on the bestie’s belly


[FANCAM 140523] Zico - I’m still fly @ Blockbuster 2014 in Busan

(cr: @.midnight_zp)

Leadernim ♥ Just Follow

Leadernim ♥ Just Follow


140517 block b concert blockbuster - Pharrell Williams - Happy ( jaehyo,PO,ukwon) [cr: przzie@instgrm]


2014 BlockBuster Concert- 24 hours


140511 TV Report - [Idol Report] The moment Block B hit 'Jackpot'


★ I feel like an idol when this happens

Zico: When I show a ruined image of myself or use slang and people tell me, “Are you sure you’re allowed to do that when you’re an idol?”

U-Kwon: When I go on ‘Idol Athletics Competition.’

B-Bomb: When I’m with the members.

P.O: When I meet up…

In V’s case, whatever he does it’s always strange…

why i love jung hoseok: his english {pt3}